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The water is wide

Works by Claude Debussy, Fredrik Högberg, Cecilie Løken and folkmusic improvisations.

Price pr cd:195 NOK /24 Euro / 220 SEK

Musicians are Cecilie Løken,
the outstanding Frode Berg on double bass,
the standup comedian/celllist/singer Rebecca Carrington,
the folkmusic singer Solbjørg Tveiten,
the one and only superharpist Sidsel Walstad,
the wonderful clarinetist Erik Larsson
and one of the greatest percussionists in the world
- Rafael Sida.

The musicians met in a magical studio in the Norwegian mountains and toghether with soundengineer Tor Magne Hallibakken, they created new and exiting songs for everyone!

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Dance of the elves

Flutes:Cecilie Loken
Electric harp: Sidsel Walstad
The duo plays own works together with their interpretations of famous Norwegian composers such as Grieg and Tveitt. Together with the drummer Rafael Sida, they invite you to another world........

Price pr cd:195 NOK /24 Euro / 220 SEK

Behind the name Walstad/Loken stand two young Norwegian artists, Sidsel Walstad and Cecilie Loken. They come from a classical musical background and have as individual concert artists played with orchestras around the world.

Sidsel Walstad, harp, has been employed as principal harpist with the Norwegian Opera since 1999. She is famous for her versatility and has received great critical acclaim. Cecilie Loken has held positions as principal flautist in such orchestras as the Norwegian Opera and the Royal Opera in Stockholm. She has won many competitions, among them Princess Astrid`s Music Prize, and plays often with internationally renowned orchestras such as the Mahler Chamber Orchestra.

The duo Walstad/Loken was formed in 1999 after being asked to represent Norway in the project Upbeat, arranged by Rikskonsertene, and have since then successfully given concerts in many countries in Europe.

Using Nordic folk music as a base, the duo creates a new language with electric harp, sampler processors and amplified flute.


On stage, they work with light designers and scenographers to create a wonderful, mysterious world.

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Cecilie Løken is participating as principal flautist on:

Don Giovanni
Mahler Chamber Orchestra (Deutsche Gramofon)

Opera di fiori
Stockholm Sinfonietta/Malena Ernman (Universal)

Tsjaikovsky&Glasunov: Violin concertos with Gluzman and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra (BIS)

Sibelius: Symphonies no 3, 6, 7 with Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Mendelsohn: Symphony no 1&4 (BIS)

Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra & Mark Minkovsky      Deutsche Grammofon

Tsjaikovski: Symfoni nr 6 with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra & Mikko Frank    Ondine


Music by Ingvar Lidholm with Norrköping Symfoniorkester -flutecadenza 8 mins       BIS

Yngve Skjöld: Violinconcerto with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Dag Wiren: Symphony with SAMI Sinfonietta   Caprice

Berg: "Wozzeck" with the Royal Opera, Stockholm  Naxos

Sæverud: Symfoni nr 4 with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Edvard Hagerup Bull: Kammermusikk with BIT 20

"Staden" by S.D.Sandström, with the Royal Opera of Stockholm     Caprice

CDs with Westlife, Oslo Gospel Choir, Peter Lundblad, Robert Wells, Mikael Råberg, Il Divo.