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Cecilie Løken’s company
Magic Flute
is divided into four different areas:

I    The lecturer and teacher

The lecturer Cecilie Løken gives regularly courses for professional musicians and college students. Some of the lectures topics have been:
“Orchestral auditions”
“The modern flautist”
“The creative flautist”
“The orchestral musician and the conductor”
“How to practise and read modern music”
“The vitamin cure for practising basics”
“How to create a musical career”
She emphisizes the importance of using both an intellectual and an intuitive path to musicianship. Brain and body are working interactively when playing/conducting.

Teacher at The Royal Music Academy in Stockholm
Kungliga Musikhögskolan.  (The folk music institute) 2016-17
Teaching, lecturing, workshop & concert for the professional Navy Band in Bergen, Norway 2016
Teaching, lecturing, workshop & concert for the professional Air Force Band in Trondheim, Norway 2016
Masterclass at the University in Trondheim, for the woodwinds and brass students 2016
Teaching, lecturing, workshop & concert for the professional Air Force Band in Trondheim, Norway 2015
Teaching, lecturing, workshop & concert for the professional Navy Band in Karlskrona, Sweden 2012
Masterclasses at Stockhom International Summer Masterclass 2004-16
Masterclasses and lectures at Barrat Dues Musikkinstitutt, talentprogrammet 2014
Invited to teach a the International Flute Masterclass at the Lemmensinstiuut, Leuven, Belgium 2012
Teacher at Aurora Chamber Music Festival Masterclasses 2010-12
Teacher at Masterclass, The Norwegian Flute Festival 2011
Teacher at the Music Academy in Gothenburg, masterstudies, 2006-2007 and 2004-2005.
Lecturer for the Professional Norwegian Army bands,
artistic comittees 2008
Main flute teacher at the Musikhögskolan Ingesund,
Karlstad University 2006-08
Teacher at Barrat Dues Musikkinstitutt, masterstudies, Oslo, 2005-
Masterclass at the Norwegian State Academy of Music 2005
Masterclass ved Toneheim Folkehøgskole 2005, 2006
Jurymember at the Ljunggrenska Soloist Competition
2005 og 2006
Held international masterclasses in Norway og Sweden
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Lecturer at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm 2002
Lecturer at the Barrat Dues Musikkinstitutt 2003 og 2004
Masterclass at Høgskolen i Agder, Kristiansand, 2002

Her pedagogy is: a teacher’s goal is to help the student to play at her/his full potential. Whenever a technical/musical problem comes up, the teacher should be able to explain in different ways that suit the idividual needs of the student. She uses humour, mental training, body exercises, and has many practical solutions to solve technical issues. When it comes to inspiring the students to be creative, she is herself a good example in that she is always seeking new ways of performing music. Her mission is to keep art alive and fresh and pass her knowledge on to colleagues and students.

II   The performer

The following genres
-early music, (performed on the traverse flute and  classical flute)
-classical solo,
-classical orchestra (principal flute)
-experimental solo concerts
-studio work with pop music
are widely represented in her schedule.

Recent projects in the early music are:
As a memberof Barokkorkestern, the Swedish Radio’s baroque orchestra, she has been their principal traverse player since the beginning. She has played the b minor suite with the orchestra several times, and performed the major oratorios in Berwaldhallen and Storkyrkan.
She is currently also a member of Ensemble Empire, which specializes in music from 1800-1900.

Recent projects in the classical solo section are:
Cecilie Løken has been a soloist with many orchestras in Europe. Her international debut was in 1994 when she was a soloist at the major festival Orpheum Soloists in Zurich. The festival was covered by the European Broadcasting Union, and her performance was broadcast on TV in all the European countries. She was selected by Maestro Mariss Jansons to play Mozart’s Flute Concerto in G major.

She has given recitals in many countries and received great critical acclaim.

Cecilie is a member of KammarensembleN, Swedens leading contemporary ensemble.


Experience as an orchestral performer:
She started as early as the age of 21 in Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. Since then, she has been employed as a principal player in several Nordic orchestras. After she left her principal position at the Royal Opera in Stockholm in 2002, she has devoted her time to substituting as a principal player in orchestras such as the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and others. In 2006 she won the principal flute position in Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, and she worked there until 2008 (commuting from her home in Stockholm).

Since 2002 she has had several engagements with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra – one of Europe´s elite ensembles. She has performed at the festival in Aix-en Provence during the summers of 2003 and 2004, given concerts in Italy and France and done several recordings. In 2004 she became a member of The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. In 2006 she was invited by chiefconductor Alan Gilbert to be soloflutist at the Santa Fe festival in USA. Cecilie has performed as a solo flutist in The Barbican, London, with Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Gergiev, in the Royal Albert Hall as principal flute player with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, in the Carnegie Hall with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orhestra and much more.

Recent successes has been playing solo flute at the Musikverein in Wien with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and recordings as a solo flute player with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2015.

Röda Hjärtat
Cecilie Løken founded in September 2015 a movement called Röda Hjärtat (The Red Heart). In one week, she organised a collecting of 2500 bags of winter clothes for the refugees, with the great help of all professional musicians in Stockholm. In the same week, 20.000€ was raised from friends and colleagues.
That was the start of something bigger, and we are all proud to say that there are big hearts among the professional musicians in Stockholm!

In four months, this was achieved:
-2,500 bags clothes collected and transported to refugees in Greece
-30.000 € collected to the refugees, helping to fund a life saving car with medical equipment and and a life saving RIB boat to the Pro Active Arms life savers.
Also money and support to the Skala Sikamiena camp and the Kempsons in Eftalou.
-80 professional musicians have played concerts, volunteering at the refugee camp in Farsta in the period of October-December 2015
-18 professional musicians travelling as volunteers to Lesbos october-january

The spring will be filled with continous concerts every Sunday for the refugees at the camp in Farsta.

Cecilie Løken is the project manager of the outreach program for Det Norske Kammerorkester 2014-16.
The program is called Discovery and has contained tours in Norway in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with Norways' best musicians.
Some of the events: School concerts, workshops, visits at elderly peoples' homes and masterclasses for the Culture schools in different cities.

Fenix and the thief, september 2014
Theme: Ecology and enviroment & creative work as painting collage (workshop).

Baroque program, november 2014
Theme: History 17th Century & creative work as theatre and dance (workshop)

Impressionism, january 2015
Theme: Senses, dreams and painting (workshop)

Fairy Tales, april 2016
Theme: Writing, creating your own tale, playing with words&music (workshop)

Recent projects in the experimental solo concert section are:
Cecilie Løken has a keen interest in performing classical/modern music in collaboration with visual effects. Mixing choreography, scenography and light makes the audience’s musical experience even bigger. The combination of the spoken word and music is also a great. Art form, so she enjoys the work of acting and playing together as one.

“Kalais” for solo flute by Sigurbjornson. Performed on stage with addition: light design, smoke and choreography.

“Voice” for soloflute by Takemitsu. Performed with addition: light design and choreography.

“Livet, Kjærligheten&døden” for soloflute/singing, tape and choreography by Kindem/Løken. Performed with addition: light design and choreography.

“Icedance” for percussiongroup GPN, dancer and Walstad/Løken, performed by dancer, percussion, electrical harp, flute and light design.

“Kjærlighet”, text by Hamsun, music by Berio. Performed by Eva Röse, actress, and Cecilie Løken.

“Raga”, trad Indian music. Performed by Sri Lal and family, Cecilie Løken, flute. Staged with sculptures, incense and light design.

III   The record company

The record company Magic Flute released the album “Dance of the elves” in 2003 (the cd was awarded “Innkjøpsordningen” from the Norwegian Arts Council). The artists playing are Sidsel Walstad, electric harp, Rafael Sida, percussion and CL, flutes and synthesizer.
In 2005 the record The Water is wide was released. The record is a solorecord with Cecilie Løken and there is great perfomances by famous co-players from the jazz- and folkmusic world.

IV   The composer

Recent work "Improvisations over a Norwegian folk tune" was performed by Cecilie Løken and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra in January 2008. The same piece was also performed with Gävle Symphony Orchestra in 2009.

Many of the pieces composed or arranged by Løken, is to be heard on the cd "Dance of the elves".

Cecilie Løken is a member of STIM and has written pieces for the Walstad/Løken duo, Global Percusssion Network/Walstad Løken and different solo performers. She has also co-written works with other artists, such as dancers and actors, which have been performed in festivals in many countries.

Cecilie is a member of the wind quintet ORION