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    Cecilie playing her childrens' performance Fenix & the Thief.
    Tour with string quintet from the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, september 2014.
    Photo: Pernille Vestengen, Dagsavisen

     Cecilie plays the aria from Norma, Andrea Bocelli is listening

    Andrea Bocelli and Cecilie plays the duet from Carmen's Entracte in his dressing room,
    before his concert in Copenhagen

     Andrea Bocelli trying Cecilie's gold flute

    Katarina Agnas, The Swedish Radio Symphony
    Orchestra, and Cecilie
    Studying in Los Angeles 2009. Cecilie Løken and
    Peter Askim, conductor and composer

    The flute section of Valery Gergiev's World Orchestra for Peace 2009: Jeffrey Khaner (US)
    Thaddeus Watson (DE) Andreas Alin (SE) and Cecilie Løken (NO)

    Living at Santa Monica Beach 2009
     Cecilie surfing outside her home in Stockholm

   Sound check at Bar Jeden Vernunft, Berlin 2009. Rebecca Carrington, comedienne/cellist and Cecilie

  Playing at outdoor concert at Risør Kammermusikkfest 2007 Photo: Liv Øvland
  Photo: Liv Øvland  
  Cecilie Løken and Sidsel Walstad, concert in Risør 2007

  Photo: Liv Øvland
  Cecilie Løken and
  Leif Ove Andsnes,
  concert in Risør 2007

   Cecilie and violinist Daniel Bard
   at festival "Barockt!" 2006 in Sweden.

  Off-stage at festival "Barockt!"2006
  Cecilie with musicians Daniel Bard,
  Guy Ben-Ziony and Tali Goldberg


   Photo: Lars Pihl
  Cecilie teaching improvisation at the
  summer masterclass 2006   
   Photo: Lars Pihl
  Cecilie listening to the students from
  Turkey and Sweden

   Photo: Hans Gedda
  Cecilie Løken, flute,
  and Sidsel Walstad, harp   2003


   Photo: Hans Gedda
  Cecilie Løken, flute,
  and Sidsel Walstad, harp 2003

   Photo: Maria Westerberg
  Cecilie Løken and Sidsel Walstad in concert,
  Stockholm 2003
  Bild från Barometern
  Cecilie Løken, flute and Eva Röse, actress,
  in concert 2002

  Preparing Poulenc's Sonata for concert 2006
  with pianist Teres Löf, at home