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Fenix and the thieves

Music: Björn Hallman
Flute soloist: Cecilie Hesselberg Løken
Actors: Martin Hasselgren & Alejandro Bonnet
Animation: Meejin Hong

A family concert for everyone!

A family concert production made in 5 different versions, to suit the production size:

Mini version: for flute soloist and 2 actors 

Midi version: for flute soloist, 2 actors and
string orhestra orchestra

Midi version: for flute soloist, 2 actors,
chamber orchestra and animated film

Maxi version: 
 for flute soloist, 2 actors,
symphony orchestra and animated film

Normal concert version: The flute concerto
played by flute soloist and orchestra

Price by request.

Production team's mail address: cecilieloken@telia.com

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